Tinder Bio For Guys – Is a Funny Bio all it Takes?

By Marcus Neo | Dating Advice for Men

Aug 09

How do you craft a Tinder bio for men that gets high quality matches? The majority of attractive women have all the attention in their daily social lives. So exactly what makes you think you can magically match with them on Tinder?

Secondly, why would any attractive women bother with some stranger on Tinder when they’ve already got all the attention and potential partners chasing them in their social life? This is especially true if you are in a younger age range and your target demographic of girls is younger.

The economics of online dating is skewed: you have one quality woman being pursued by a larger than proportionate number of males. Think back to your schooling days, you get 80% of the male population admiring 20% of the population of women. It’s worst on Tinder.

This is why as a guy, you need to create a Tinder bio that stands out.

Hacking My Own Tinder Profile to Get High Quality Matches

The pandemic hit last year and I spent around 6 months really hacking my own profile, running paid tests, being a mad scientist and going out on tens of dates from online dating applications.

The jury is out: there IS a skillset behind crafting out great profiles. The majority of your Tinder results is going to come from a great Tinder profile.

Have a Tinder Profile that Stands Out, a Funny One is Not Enough

You’re up against a lot of competition all when you’re dealing with online dating applications. Think of the thousands of matches and thousands of likes an average woman gets on her online dating application, and think of the messages that she’s flooded with day in, day out on her applications.

This is why you NEED to have a Tinder profile that stands out.

These Tinder profile strategies help me and my clients land minimally one to two high quality dates a week. 

Now let’s on get to the strategies that will supercharge your results. 

Stand Out in Your Tinder Profile Photos by Investing in a Photo Shoot 

I’m not going to lie here, good looks and fashion matters almost more than anything on Tinder and online dating applications. You need to try to be as good looking as possible through your photos. 

However, if you aren’t super good looking, not to worry, your boy here isn’t. There are ways to get around it by be smart about your photos.

The first thing you need do is to have that mixture of high quality photos and casual photos. You don’t want to bombard your entire profile with all high quality photos. That’s because that would mean over optimising your profile and coming off as a try hard. 

  • Using Photo Feeler as a Test

I use Photofeeler as a pre test for my main photos before uploading my photos. If you aren’t getting at least above mediocre results on your Photofeeler results, then you might want to relook into your main photos.

  • Your First Two Photos [Main Photos]

I call this the main photos. It’s recommend to use a high quality camera for these photos. These photos should be focusing on you and NOT the background. You should be alone in the photo, and they should be taken from waist up.

I usually use a wait up photo for the first one, and the full body shot for the next one. You should also vary the clothes you are wearing: just to demonstrate you have clothes and didn’t take the two photos in one setting just for Tinder.

One good camera angle is the snapshot effect. These are photos taken ‘in the moment’ as if you’re not even planning to take that shot. The snapshot effect sets you apart from all the other guys.

Here’s a good example of the snapshot:

  • High Quality Photoshoot Photos

I’d say to use ONE high quality photo as your main photo on Tinder from a professional photo shoot.

Investing into a photo shoot is going to be a good idea because high quality photos can serve you for months and years to come.

One of the tricks is to have a profile photo that isn’t looking at a camera. It’s said that by not looking into the camera, you are perceived as more attractive.

  • Low Quality Casual Photos

Secondly, go to your social media profiles, download out photos that portray an interesting personality and story about yourself.

These are photos where you are doing something interesting: adventurous hobbies such as rock climbing or kayaking.

These photos should demonstrate masculine qualities and positive qualities about yourself. The key here is to have a mixture of high quality photos and casual photos so that your profile stands out without looking too hard.

  • Next Two to Three Photos

You do NOT need to fill up Tinder’s entire profile. It’s going to come off as try hard if you are using all the empty Tinder slots they give you. However, it’s recommend to put in another two or three photos of you:

  1. In a leadership role (if you are giving a talk or something, all the better)
  2. Doing adventurous activities with friends (ideally, you SHOULD be the focus of the photo)
  3. Just normal hang out photos with female and male friends to demonstrate that you are a normal dude (ideally, you SHOULD be the focus of the photo)
  4. Ideally, you should portray an identity and story about yourself through your photos.

Tinder Profile Photo Shoot Tips

There is a difference in professional photography and Tinder photography. You got to instruct your photographer to take photos that are crafted for Tinder

  • Focus on you, not the background

Tinder photo

One of my better performing photos

This isn’t the perfect example, however, as you can see, the photo is mostly focused on me, and not some fancy background.

  • Golden hour photo shot

It’s a cheesy shot but one of my better performing photos as well, notice the golden hour effect

This photo is completely focused on me. You can see the photographer also used natural light as an effect in this photo. However, I look cheesy as f here, forgive me.

  • How to get a sharper face figure

You can try arching and sticking your face out forward when you do the photoshoot. This gives the effect of having a sharper face figure. Like I mentioned, Tinder (and online dating really) is heavily reliant on looks. You got to try to be as good looking as possible.

Do and Do Nots of Photos in a Tinder Profile

There are certain DO NOT dos on your Tinder profile, and selfies are one.

  • Forget Selfies

Bad tinder bio


Yes, forget selfies. It demonstrates that you haven’t really got friends around you.

You should also include group photos your lifestyle and hobbies in your other photos. Note, this profile should be congruent to your lifestyle and hobbies. You should also ideally be the FOCUS of the group photos. You can’t be hiding at the side.

  • Group Photos that do NOT Focus on You

Yes, group photos are recommended. However, if you’re hiring behind the entire group. She’s not going to able to point you out in the photo. If you are using a group photo, then use a group photo that has YOU as the focus in the photo.

Stand Out in Your Profile Description

The second way to stand out is to through your profile description. Think about it. You are competing with thousands and hundreds of profile descriptions day in and day out. 

Hence you are required to put in some effort into crafting a story about yourself that stands out from the rest.

Factual information about yourself is boring: use quirky language: use language that stands out.

For example, I had a software engineer as a client. Instead of putting software engineer at blah blah, I helped him craft out an interest copy: “I help planes talk to each other”

Or, I used to say that I only super like the fat girls. The strategies mentioned be quite provocative, but that’s the point. It’s done to separate you from the thousands of guys that swipe right on her profile. It’s funny and provocative.

Lastly, you do not want to over optimize your profile copy and come off as too intellectual, too try hard or use too bombastic words.

Yes, keep it simple in general. UNLESS, you want to attract snobbish intellectual girls.

  • Creative Copywriting

I had a client who’s a software engineer at Singapore’s national airlines. Instead of writing the usual bio: ‘I am a software engineer that likes coding at Singapore airlines’. I helped him re-write his profile and came up with ‘I help planes talk to each other’.

It’s not only a unique profile description, but it also creates curiosity and intrigue. I mean, what the heck is getting planes to speak to each other

The Words on Your Profile: The Copywriting

I used to think that you got to write an essay for your Tinder profile. The truth is that the more you write, the more try hard it’s perceived. The key is to go with something simple, funny, cheeky in short sentences can demonstrate your passions, lifestyle and hobbies.

Here’s an example:

“Singaporean, fought in a ring once. Likes pancakes a lot, especially with Macdonald’s butter. Thought of starting a dog insurance business once. No, I’m not lying. Solo travelled once to 11 cities in Europe on a shoelace budget.”

It’s short, simple and creative.

The profile displays one interesting fact about myself, alongside with my hobbies and my interests. The word ‘pancakes’ is light hearted to take off all the pressure from all the serious talk. I also usually try to add in some cheeky provocative lines to provoke a reaction from a girl into swiping you:

  • “Please don’t be fat in real life… :P”
  • “Sometimes, I super like the stranger looking people.”

The strategy here is to set your Tinder bio apart from 90% of the men’s profile. You need to be cheeky without being perceived as an asshole or a player.

Note: if you’re living in an Asian culture you don’t want to come across too aggressive, it’s not going to work. It’s better to be the goof-ish and cheeky.

Steal my Tinder Profile Template

If you’re really dried out of ideas, you can steal some of my profile ideas:

Not your typical Singaporean accountant, engineer, lawyer, doctor or insert *profession*… you may want to pick someone your mother may approve of.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

MY WEAKNESSES: Smiles, smarts and sass

Simply remove ‘Singaporean’ and include your nationality in it.

The Do Nots of a Tinder Profile Description

  • Lengthy Essays

There is absolutely no need to publish an essay on your description. If it is over lengthy, it’s going to come off as too hard.

Secondly, do not use big intellectual bombastic words unless you wish to attract a certain type of girl. There’s no need to be overly witty in your profile. Keep your profile description simple.

  • Bland and Vanilla Tinder Descriptions

Finally, do not be BLAND and VANILLA.

Look, every other guy is going to write something along the lines of ‘financial motivated’ or the usual hobbies that guys do. Simply ask yourself, how does your profile stand out from the 99% of other profiles? I mean, girls are also committing this crime. Notice every other girl on their profile writes that they want someone that is kind, intellectual and patient? Yes, do NOT be that guy that writes similarly.

The Limitations of a Tinder Bio

Crafting a great Tinder bio is a MUST if you wish for better quality matches matches.

There is indeed a limitation to a Tinder Bio and profile. She can’t see, touch or feel emotions when she is staring into a phone screen. Hence, you are limited by photos and words. The ugly truth is that the better looking you are in real life, the better photos you are going to get, the better matches you are going to receive.

Secondly, other than great strong profile photos and strong profile descriptions, you’ll also require strong outreach messages and texts. 


The Tinder profile strategies mentioned here can be quite provocative. HOWEVER, that’s the entire point. It’s done to separate you from the THOUSANDS of guys that swipe right on her profile.

When I started off, I focused a lot more on meeting women through social circles and cold approaching. I preferred that approach because I was just too lazy to be texting and swiping all day.

I also felt that people who are hell-bent on relying on merely Tinder and online dating applications may be avoiding the need to better their dating/ social skills. It easy to sit back and send witty messages from your phone, it’s much harder to put yourself in a date and strike up a conversation with a stranger.

Tinder and online dating apps should not be an entire replacement for improving your dating/ social skills. However, in a post pandemic world, everyone needs to adapt and it is a powerful supplement.

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