How To Meet, Date, Attract and Be Sexually Intimate with Women You Truly Want as a Career Oriented, Busy Professional without Spending Months or Years on Expensive Gifts, Dates that End Up in Rejection Even In the Middle of a Pandemic and Strict Social Restrictions

Ever wanted to be the guy who walks down the street with a Victoria Secret caliber girl on his arm and have people's heads turn as they wonder: "why the f*ck is she with HIM?"

Yes I did, and still do.

There are many men out there that are already considered a catch. You probably get compliments on your face, physique, dress well, academically pretty successful, well read, can hold mature conversations in a wide variety of areas and have various outside interests but... you still feel not enough and unworthy of beautiful women.

You also feel like she has an entire flock of guys lining up for her who are all superior to you.

Or maybe you are a busy professional, a pHD student or career oriented individual that is sick of "approaching more" or find yourself stuck and dateless from online dating applications?

Here's an ugly secret about the dating advice industry:

The majority of dating advice out there is only equipped to get the average male out there an average girlfriend, not the 8s, 9s and 10s, not women that they feel excited to date.

The truth is that simply "approaching more" is bullshit.

Or that you probably found yourself in a position when you finally confessed to a girl you fancy... and she awkwardly tells you that she only sees you as a friend? 

"You're too nice for me"

How many of you find yourself in awkward, distressing situations like this?

Then you probably decided that these days it's not enough to be decent looking guy with a nice personality. You got to resort to pretending to be someone you are not:

Trying too hard to have the connections, be rich, be famous or even be 'the life of the party kind of guy'... all just to woefully attract the attention of some random girl you just met.

Look, you’re here because you are frustrated at how things are with women you truly want and you are looking for solutions.

From Heartbreak to Top Dating Expert

You see, I was once your average Asian dude, who had average grades in school, average friends and ZERO clue about how women worked… until... my ex-girlfriend dumped me over TEXT MESSAGE just weeks before compulsory enlistment into two years of the Singapore military service.

18 year old me. Future playa/ CEO.

Yes, you heard it right. I was on route to enlistment into the compulsory Singapore military service and she dumped me over text message.

I told myself to 'suck it up' and 'take it like a man'. I also  wished I could tell you that I managed to do just that, went to officer cadet school in the military and proved her wrong...

However, I didn't. 

I ended up going through an emotional personal hell during my first year in the military…

Half way through my service, I chanced upon the dating community and realized that success with women can be learned just like any other skillset!

For the next decade, I studied the dating and social arts like a mad scientist. I hoarded books, stayed up late nights discussing texting strategies with friends, hired out dating coaches, pick up artists, clinical psychologists and spent hours and hours in nightclubs, shopping malls approaching women across multiple countries try to rack up as many notches under my belt as I could.

I eventually got good at it in my home country and I attempted to replicate my results across multiple cultures such as the United States, Europe, Japan, Taiwan, Beijing and South East Asia:

In Germany:

In Barcelona, on a date with a German lawyer (I told her she was more Asian than I am with the selfie):

On a date in Prague with a Dutch Girl:

In Taiwan with a Taiwanese:

In Tokyo Japan with a Half Japanese/ Korean:

Throwing porno parties in Singapore:

Going on National TV as a dating expert:

CNA Dating Interview

Landed myself on national TV

"It’s Impossible, You Need Good Looks, High Status or be Born Rich" to Date Women Out of Your League

In today's world, you’re taught by society that you need to be ‘good looking’, ‘rich’ or have ‘high social status’ in order to date the hottest women

However, I’ll prove that statement completely wrong with testimonials and stories from my clients.

My clients mostly consist of:

  • CEOs/ business owners
  • Engineers
  • IT Professionals
  • Finance/ banking professionals
  • Management executives
  • MBA graduates

If you ask anybody, these categories of men would fall under the 'elite' and ‘successful’ lenses of society.

However for some odd reason they STILL found themselves floundering with women at one point of their life.

Pharmacist Executive Breaks up with Fiancee Months before Wedding

“I’d never thought I'd engage a dating coach… until I needed one”: said a client of mine.

He had spent years of his life ac-ing his grades, attended a top University in Asia and even landed himself an engineering role at a prestigious national airline.

This exact line struck me after years of coaching.

Through my 20s, I’m always baffled by the mindset by most of my peers who only focused on academic performance and their career…

It’s not uncommon for an intelligent and ambitious male to SOLELY focus on his studies and career from his teens to his late twenties. Only… to find out later in life that they are clueless about women and dating skills later on.

They even ended up being used as a meal ticket by women at one point and hated themselves for it.

Hey, when I started out, a close friend of my even scorned at me for introducing him a book on how to improve with women.

These days, I’d like to compare educating yourself on women similar to that of hiring a fitness trainer, paying for a gym membership or attending a business/ finance/ profession skills program.

If you are trying to get fitter, richer or better looking just to attract the women that you want… then why not just...


This contradiction puzzled me for YEARS as I saw my peers trying to earn a better degree, get a better job, earn a promotion or make more money ALL IN THE EFFORTS just to get attention of beautiful women!

These conventional strategies are not only ineffective but you’ll later find out that they are not in your direct sphere of control.

You know what’s in your control?


You, your dating, social skills and YOUR ability to control your interactions with women.

It’s easy to be all cocksure and confident during University days when you are surrounded by social and romantic opportunities one after another.

However, I'm sure you found dating is MUCH easier when you’re when you’re in University compared to adult life.

Then it hits you like a truck: meeting women becomes exponentially harder after graduating from University. You’ll quickly find out that it’s not like in school where you have multiple opportunities to meet other people. It’s impossible to replicate a vibrant energetic University campus environment.

The Secret about Dating Hot, Beautiful Women without Pretending to be Someone You Are Not

If I told you that it’s possible to walk up to hot, attractive and stunning women in any part of the world and get her out on a date without relying on good looks, lots of money or social status… would you believe me?

Or that it’s possible to land minimally one high quality date a week simply from using the right strategies such as leveraging online dating applications? 

Yes, it’s possible, it’s something that’s done repeatedly by me and my clients.

Let me introduce you Harsh, an Indian expat... 

He wasn't even originally from Singapore and managed to find success with a woman who is from the majority ethnicity in a country that he isn't even from!

"He showed made the changes I should make. He gave me some minor tweaks, which I could do. So I tried that, and after that, I was able to get five to six matches a week and I was able to convert that five or six matches a week into dates. It has improved in that way, but after I was able to converse, I was still not able to move ahead of the second date, of the first date. He showed me some personality changes, which I should do. The alpha male qualities, which he asked me to put them.

So that helped me in converting the dates into an intimate interaction. Yes. Marcus has helped me in a way to open up. I'm always kind of introverted person, so it's better for me to talk to people in general and approaching women. I's too difficult.

So with his online coaching and also his infield sessions, it has helped me to open up a bit. I'm still not that good at it, but I've seen the improvements. I've seen the changes. At least I'm able to approach people now. I think if I can do it, anyone can do it. 

I always used to think that it's about you, it's your mistake and everything like that. He taught me in a way that it's always about the confidence you project on people. To be honest, Singapore is already a difficult market. If I can get results from this particular market, then I'm pretty sure with his style of coaching, you can get results in any other market.

I would say Singapore's one of the most toughest, but if you can bring out results in that, even in online dating, then I'm pretty sure you are foolproof. So you can just go to any other country and just try the same approaching style. I think Singapore people in general, they are bit conservative. So if you can open them up, then you can open any other race anywhere in the world. In a way, yes, his way of teaching, it's a bit different. Also, he doesn't push you to become an arrogant or rude kind of person. He always says that even nice guys can do it. It's just, you need to have just a bit of spark and spice in your nice behavior. To be honest, there's nothing wrong being a nice guy. It's just, you need to know how to work around it and use it for your advantage rather than using it as a disadvantage." - Harsh

Still think you need to be tall, good looking and rich? Then I hope Harsh proves you absolutely wrong.


  • I’m not your usual tall, good looking dating coach. I am 167 cm tall and by no means rich or have ‘high social status’.
  • I also didn’t attend an elite University and didn't graduate till my late twenties (I was a floundering student remember?)
  • I didn’t have rich parents (in fact, my family faced bankruptcy when I was much younger)

I also spent the greater part of my life on ‘introverted’ pursuits such as starting/ growing a business, investing in the financial markets and on nerdy subjects such as search engine optimization (read: this is really f*cking nerdy, I literally live in spreadsheets seven days a week).

Yet I’m able to design a dating life that the average male can only dream of.

I did it all without:

  • Spending countless hours on ‘cold approaching’
  • Splashing thousands of dollars on tables and drinks at nightclubs
  • Spending hours glued to the phone screen hacking away at online dating applications
  • Spending hours, months or years, going on expensive dinner dates, gifts in order to get into the pants of some random attractive looking girl

This sounds all good and dandy but here's YET another case study of a client doing it without all of the above in the middle of a pandemic and strict social restrictions:

How to Succeed with Beautiful Women as a Busy Professional

Today, I am way beyond teaching dating advice to the average male out there that simply wants a plain Jane girlfriend.

In fact, the MAJORITY of dating advice out there is equipped for you to get an average plain Jane.

Firstly, I know that as a busy professional, someone that considers himself intelligent and ambitious you too wish to spend time with a girl that only suit your standards.

Secondly, I didn't wish to become the run of the mill 'f*ck boy' with no real substance and I needed a way to succeed in dating with a busy schedule.

Thirdly, if you're a busy professional and not dating women that you truly want... there could be a couple of reasons:

  • You are making excuses and not putting dating as a priority
  • You're not being efficient in your dating because you're using old and out dated methods
  • You are not using a targeted approach

The truth is that ambitious, intelligent men are already high achievers in other aspects of their life:

  • I competed competitively as a martial artist
  • I started and grew a business
  • I travelled to 30+ countries solo
  • I pushed myself at areas I was weak at: academics and ended up acing/b-ing during a summer program at UC Berkeley
  • I picked up new skillsets such as basic coding, Java in particular!

I am fundamentally analytical by nature and didn't want to become a party maniac JUST to get into the pants of some random attractive looking girl.

Yes, nerds can get laid too

This is why I built my online program, The Council: Fearless Dating for Men for ambitious, intelligent men out there who are tired of abstract theoretical dating tactics OR ‘gurus’ that say you need to spend 10,000 hours approaching women on the streets.

Listen, as a busy bee, I understand the problems you face:

  • You saw a decline your dating results after graduating from University
  • You work in a mostly male environment (engineers say hello!)
  • You are starved for time and desire fast results
  • You are looking for a result oriented method instead of the ‘just be yourself’ or ‘just be confident’ chant that’s been repeated by 34723 life coaches
  • You are looking to date hot, beautiful and stunning women, the ones that truly excites you to go out on a Friday evening date with

This is why I figured I needed an efficient, practical and targeted method to meet, date and attract high quality women without:

  • Spending days, nights and hours in the club wasting time and money
  • Spending time and effort on dates that go nowhere
  • Spending 10,000 hours on the streets cold approaching women
  • Killing myself trying to get some stranger on some online dating application to reply me

THIS is why I built the program: The Council, Fearless Dating for Men

The Truth about Dating The Top 20th Percentile of Women

There are coaches who sell you on that fact that you need to do 10000 hours of approaches or that you need hundreds of matches on online dating applications to date beautiful women

However I am here to tell you, there's absolutely no need to do either IF:

  • You stop telling yourself stories that it cannot be done
  • You focus on the fundamentals, use knowledge to your advantage
  • You figure out your own personal psychology: limiting beliefs
  • You focus on implementation as opposed to staying home studying abstract theory
  • You take a targeted approach method and focus un relentlessly

This is why in The CouncilFearless Dating for Men I include modules that touches on the inner self, limiting beliefs, building true confidence and a naturally attractive self-image.

I deep dive into your personal identity and methods on how to constantly evolve into the naturally confident man that is effortlessly attractive to women.

I then combine the abstract to the technical. 

I ground my methods with “over the shoulder” practical case studies, scripts and templates you can apply right away.

In fact, you'll rarely find another program on the internet with an “over the shoulder” curriculum, I’ll guarantee you that.

Men's Biggest Dread is Unfulfilled Potential, Stop Playing Small and Dating Women in or Above Your League

Here's the science: decades of psychological research that show that our dating and romantic relationships contribute a huge portion to our day to day happiness.

It's an area of your life that you need to get GOOD at.

If haven’t felt it by now, dating problems can be real.

Let me ask you, could you really focus at work when you had to deal with a relationship problem?

I sure as hell couldn't concentrate doing push-ups in the military after my ex-girlfriend dumped me! I had instructors shouting swear words in my face whilst my mind zoomed back to memories of her.

If that isn't emotional hell I don't know what is.

This emotional hell can even pour over to our professional lives:

  • You may find yourself not distracted from important daily tasks like your studies or your work.
  • You may even have become a loner amongst your friends and they may have left you alone because you were “moppy” about it.
  • You probably feel depressed after a breakup or a rejection.

These problems are real... and let's be honest here... your friends don't really talk about it either. (read: that’s because the majority of men do not actually know what they are doing with women and let me tell you why…)

98% of Men Lead Lives of Quiet Desperation… and Why?

One of the most common problems I get from friends (even high performing CEOs) is that they are STILL unable able to date a woman that they truly want.

I’m not talking about the ones that you swipe on Tinder and they show up on a date WAYY different from their photos…

I’m talking about the ones that make you feel nervous and yet excited when you’re with her.

  • The 8, 9s and 10s.
  • The Instagram models
  • The girl next door
  • Your University crush
  • That unassumingly attractive colleague of yours

Yes, the ones that make you actually feel something for.

Maybe you are stuck in a dead end relationship right now, letting it drag on for years and I know it’s secretly gnawing your soul bit by bit inside. 

Or maybe you spent your entire life focusing on University grades and/ or your career and you saw your friends getting attached through the years…

You end up convincing yourself that you didn’t really care. Only for these problems to come rushing back to you today.

Let’s be honest, that what all of us are told to do: study hard, work hard and expect everything else to work out...

It's Not Entirely Your Fault

I understand it’s not entirely your fault... after all…

The majority of intelligent men like you are introverts that spend their free time playing computer games, staying indoors and don't get many opportunities to interact with hot women.

Or if you grew up in strict traditional families... you probably aren't equipped with the right dating and social skillsets grow up...

Your parents probably told you not to interact with people or talk to strangers since young.

Then suddenly you find yourself as an adult and you are:

  • Too sensitive to rejection from hot girls
  • Too afraid that others are going to start gossiping about it or make fun of you if you chat up a girl
  • Feel that the risk of rejection from a girl is more painful than not trying at all.

Years fly by and you end up rationalising: “all the good women are already taken.”

The worst comes when things are going well with ONE girl and you start over worrying over that ONE girl. Yes I know how it feels, you start thinking if you take any risks you might lose her. (read: this is extremely need and unattractive behaviour by the way)

The mind games start:

  • She doesn’t reply on text
  • She replies with the typical one sentence boring answer and you start thinking if they are ‘playing hard to get’

Now... imagine if you could get a ton of high quality dates, matches and not worry about any one girl flaking on you ever:

Or maybe on a date out with her, you freeze up, you stare at her blankly and you fail time and time again to take the interactions beyond a platonic level...

Here’s my opinion (and capital T truth):

You Lack a System: a Step by Step Methodical Method to Meet, Date, Attract, Connect and be Sexually Intimate with Beautiful Women that Excites You

One of the BIGGEST problems you probably face is always waiting for someone that knows someone to introduce you to that someone.

If you are in your later twenties, thirties and four-ties, your friends are probably in long term relationships and you are out of social/ romantic options.

Or even worst, what if all your friends have dead-end social lives and call you ‘superficial’ and ‘fake’ for wanting to expand your dating opportunities?

Ultimately, you’re not solving the root of the problem: the ability to control your interactions with beautiful women.

I'm sure at one point you found yourself thinking to yourself: ‘that girl seems nice’. You then end up telling yourself ‘she's probably with someone else’.

The end result? You walk away with excuses and fear of judgment from others.

There may other reasons why you're reading this:

  • Maybe you don’t want to date your colleagues.
  • Maybe, you just came off a horrendous long term relationship, perhaps a divorce even and you can’t seem to get your feet up.
  • Maybe you have tried some slimy pick up artist methods and creep-ed everyone around you out... 

There can be tons of reasons, but let me ask you, do you have a step by step method to:

  • Get matches, numbers and land dates with high quality women through online dating applications
  • The skillsets to freely approach stunning women you are attracted to and get them out on dates (like the one below)
  • The skillsets to follow up on text messages and turn these online or offline interactions into non flakey dates
  • The conversational skillsets to create comfort, emotional connection with her on dates
  • The dating skillsets to create passionate sexual tension between you and her on your dates
  • The ability to turn your dates into a sexual or romantic one 
  • Create sexual intimacy and make sex a win-win for you and her in an ethical manner
  • Self develop your personality into one that attracts high quality women into your life without pretending someone you are not
  • Self develop a lifestyle so that you can attract high quality women into your life effortlessly
  • Self develop a naturally attractive personality so that your romantic relationships are filled with chemistry and passion instead of dried out relationships…

The Most "Over The Shoulder" Dating Success Program in the World

There’s a lot of dating programs out there marketed by dating gurus that are abstract based that don’t really work in real life.

This is why I made this program the most “Over The Shoulder” program in the world:

  • It's field tested by myself and my clients (here's a tiny piece of a client's result):
  • It's "over the shoulder" done with you style, not presentations and theories:

There is a HUGE difference between theory and practice.

I'll show you how to implement theory and practice together so that you can achieve desired outcomes in the shortest possible time.

The content you find in this program isn't going to be released in any other platform in the world.

  • You get real life feedback and commentaries like this one:

The Council: Fearless Dating for Men Modules

The Attraction Module

  • How to attract beautiful women, the psychology of female attraction

  • The fundamentals of attraction: 2 F's quick fixes that'll turn around women's reactions to you in a couple of days

  • The psychologically researched methods and exercises on how to get overcome anxiety around women

  • The evolutionary hack on how to create inevitable success in your dating and social life

The Targeted Approach Module

  • The art of cold approaching: the exact step by step process on how to walk up to beautiful women anywhere, anytime in the world

  • The "Freudian" method of finding out the root of your approach anxiety how to overcome it

  • Real life examples and psychologically researched exercises to get overcome approach anxiety even if you are introverted

  • Exact word for word scripts and lines that you can use in your approach

The Connection Module

  • Good conversational mindsets so you can spark a connection with anyone, anywhere and anytime

  • The art of the cold read: how to start conversations out of thin air

  • The art of teasing women effectively: how to use humour to generate attraction and connection without insulting her

  • How to story tell in a manner that enrapture'll her attention and leave her hanging for more

  • The art of vulnerability: how to let your rough edges through and connect deeply and powerfully with women

"Over The Shoulder"
Infield Series Breakdowns

  • Get access to my real life infield video footage and commentaries

  • Study first hand my own and my clients approaches, failures in the field (live video recorded case studies of me and clients succeeding, failing and getting rejected so you can learn from it "in the field")

  • Study first hand real life "over the shoulder" texting examples, online dating application messaging examples straight from my phone and/ or client's phones

  • Coaching calls and client feedback sessions that are practicing and implementing the curriculum in real life

"Over The Shoulder" 
Texting and Online Dating Module

  • The core principles of a great online dating profile: photos and profile description that generates high quality matches

  • How to take effective photos that's tailored for online dating applications even if you are not a professional photographer

  • How to test your profiles in a scientific manner to generate high quality matches

  • How to never overspend on online dating applications and still have high quality dates that fill your calendar

  • The core principles on how to text women and get her out on a date without wasting hours on your phone

The Sexual Confidence Module

  • How to touch her in an empathetic yet irresistible manner (exact lines, scripts and routines you can use)

  • The exact date plan to get her from first date potentially all the way back to yours in an ethical, effective and intimate way

  • How to make sexual intimacy a win for both you and her in an effective and ethical manner

  • The 'high value sexually irresistible masculine' mindsets and frames to elicit sexual attraction in her

  • Exact word for word scripts and lines that you can use starting today to elicit women become sexually intimate with you even if you're completely inexperienced

Other Success Stories

"For a brief moment, I was being a normal human being.

The girls were warm and they introduced themselves. From that day my mindset was changed and I no longer have to read up on these techniques and lines."

- Huy To, 26, Engineer

"Basically, online, if you see the pick-up stuff online, it's so flashy and shit.  So if you're doing that crazy shit, like the hand off-guard and like spinning and shit, it won't get you anywhere. The natural style of approaching, of what Marcus is teaching of course. And what he taught me is, just quality over quantity, of course."

- Ky 25, Student from Amsterdam

'I went out with three girls I met from networking events within a month of being consulted by Marcus'

- Melvin 37, Hedge Fund IT Consultant

100% Money Back Guarantee*

I'm going make you an offer you can’t refuse: I offer a 60 days conditional money back guarantee. If you followed the program, joined our community and tried to get feedback on your progress, tried your best as I prescribed in the lessons and do not see measurable progress in your dating life.

You can email me photos of you attempting the program modules such as making wardrobe changes, changing your online dating profile and etc... I’ll refund you 100% of the course fees within the first 60 days from purchase.

The Council: Features and Bonuses

Private Telegram Community

To make your dating success inevitable, you are given access to my private Telegram group and community so you can join like minded individuals, interact with others on the same journey and exchange ideas.

Post up your experiences, online dating profiles etc. and get your queries answered by me!

Constantly Updated Curriculum

The true value of program is not just leading-edge information, but one that is constantly updated with cutting edge dating insights.

Unlike most other dating coaches, I field test my theories personally, through my clients and constantly update my curriculum.

Preferred Rates to Our Programs

If you are part of our online course here at MarcusNeo.Com.

You get preferred rates to our other coaching programs and products all around the world.

The True Worth of The Council: Fearless Dating for Men Program

  • The Introduction Module: (worth $297)
  • The Attraction Module: (worth $297)
  • The Targeted Approach Module: (worth $297)
  • The Conversation and Connection Module: (worth $297)
  • The Online Dating Module: (worth $297)
  • Real Life Live Online Dating Case Studies: (worth $497)
  • The Sexual Confidence Module: (worth $297)
  • Word for Word Scripts and Simple Real Life Case Studies To Sexualize Any Interaction: PRICELESS!
  • The Texting Module: (worth $297)  
  • Real Life from Text to Date Examples: (worth $497)
  • Infield Video Footage: (worth $997)
  • Recorded Coaching Calls from my Clients: (worth $497)
  • Private Telegram Community: (worth $997)

Total Value: $5364

Still not persuaded yet?

Here's a SNEAK Peak in the The Council, Fearless for Dating Modules:

Here's My Offer to You

  • Total Value: $5364
  • One Time Full Payment Discount: Join the Waitlist
  • "Over the Shoulder" Curriculum:  30 hours of simple implementable process required for dating success from online dating to approaching complete strangers on the streets/ at bars... to texting her to getting her out on dates... to powerful connections... all the way to sexual intimacy.
  • Private Telegram Community: Get access to my team and I through our private Telegram community and get your questions answered, online dating profiles broken down and more!
  • Total Value: $5364
  • Comfortable Payment Terms: Join the Waitlist
  • Flagship "Over the Shoulder" Curriculum: 30 hours of simple implementable process required for dating success from online dating to approaching complete strangers on the streets/ at bars... to texting her to getting her out on dates... to powerful connections... all the way to sexual intimacy.
  • Private Telegram CommunityGet access to my team and I through our private Telegram community and get your questions answered, online dating profiles broken down and more!

Not Just about Hooking Up with Hot Girls

If you are mindlessly swiping right on Tinder or paying thousands of dollars for questionable matchmaking dates with dating agencies...

I'm pretty sure you have once thought that you're dating way below what you actually deserve.

That's because I did that for FRIGGING YEARS as well!

Or maybe sometimes, you see other couples in relationships and you think things are just not happening for me. You end up feeling hurt or inferior to others. I understand that feeling, I have been there.

Or maybe you are looking to confidently to be able to talk to any girl, anywhere of your choice.

Imagine having the rock solid confidence so much so that even if she looks at your weird and completely ignores you, you’ll merely laugh it off and go meet someone else.

Imagine the day you are not only able to date your ideal girl, but you are also able to strike a conversation with anyone, anywhere and are able to give a woman a sense that you’re trustworthy and mature... even if it was a non-romantic relationship.

If you haven't noticed by now, it's not just about having sex with the entire planet or getting the women or relationships that you desire.

It's about long term behavioural change.

"If you can't communicate, it's like winking at a girl in the dark — nothing happens. You can have all the brainpower in the world, but you have to be able to transmit it"

- CEO, Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffet

Today, I have traveled to 30 odd countries solo, dated women way beyond my league, started a business based on my passions and even pushed myself to achieve good grades as compared to my floundering teenage years:

Marcus at UC Berkeley

Ace/B-ed my Summer program at UC Berkeley

How did I get here?

I put down 80% of my success down to my ability to push myself emotionally and communicate effectively, not just with women, but with multiple disciplines in my life.

You can take a leap of faith as I did years ago, invest in yourself and stop feeling disappointed for not taking action.

This is why I ask you to join me in The Council, Fearless Dating for Men to not start dating beautiful women that you truly want... but to take your first step into transforming yourself into a confident, steadfast, naturally attractive individual.

You a Smart One?

In my years of helping men succeed in their dating lives, I figured there are:

#1 – The Procrastinators

These people believe in ‘tomorrow’. They either are afraid to take action or just decide that it’s something that can be delayed for another time. These people just end up cruising month-after-month, year-after-year and end up in the same spot that they started in. No progress, not any closer to their goals. 

They settle and wake up one day to wonder to themselves: what if?

#2 – The Smart Ones

These people are hungry and clear about what they want. They could probably figure these things out on their own if they had the right guidance or enough time. They know that they can avoid all that heartache and mistakes by learning from mistakes others have already made.

They believe in heavily investing in themselves and their knowledge because that is the best investment you can make.

Invest in Yourself Today

  • Total Value: $5364
  • One Time Full Payment Discount: Join the Waitlist
  • "Over the Shoulder" Curriculum:  30 hours of simple implementable process required for dating success from online dating to approaching complete strangers on the streets/ at bars... to texting her to getting her out on dates... to powerful connections... all the way to sexual intimacy.
  • Private Telegram Community: Get access to my team and I through our private Telegram community and get your questions answered, online profiles broken down and more!
  • Total Value: $5364
  • Comfortable Payment Terms: Join the Waitlist
  • Flagship "Over the Shoulder" Curriculum: 30 hours of simple implementable process required for dating success from online dating to approaching complete strangers on the streets/ at bars... to texting her to getting her out on dates... to powerful connections... all the way to sexual intimacy.
  • Private Telegram CommunityGet access to my team and I through our private Telegram community and get your questions answered, online profiles broken down and more!

You Might be Wondering (FAQ)

Is there a Cap of The Council Members?

Is this just about dating and relationships?

I have spent a ton on courses and program in the past, what makes this different?

How do I know if The Council is right for me?