Reshveen Rajendran – Idiocy in Selling Options for ‘Income’

By Marcus Neo | Rants

Mar 30

This is a review of a value investing seminar I attended years ago. It’s taught by Reshveen Rajendran. You can find his website at MillionDollarRush.Com. Here are the reasons I am publishing it after all these years: 1) I’m much more educated in financial markets today. 2) I researched my rights as a consumer. 3) I avoided writing negative reviews for the fear of potential legal action taken against me. 4) I decided to balls up. I am also exasperated at Singapore’s investment education industry pitching flamboyant theories that don’t work in real life to prey on unknowledgeable public. I got nothing against education. I am all for it. However, when you’re teaching the wrong information leveraging on the knowledge gap and using unethical marketing strategies: over promising and under delivery, I’ve got a problem with that.

How Did I Sign Up in The First Place?

So why did I sign up in the first place? I was a naive person in my early twenties. I wanted the short cuts. I wanted the quick answer to the financial markets. I also knew most of the programs in that market were extremely expensive: charging up to 5000 dollars for a seat. Since Reshveen Rajendran’s program was relatively cheaper than what the market was offering, I gladly participated along with a couple of other factors:

  • Reshveen was recommended by a friend (social bias here)
  • He safely assured me that doing 10% a month on my portfolio was easy and many others including himself has achieved those returns
  • The course’s irresistible marketing angle was: generate ‘part time’ income as a student.

Now, before I’m accused of making false claims here. I’ll back it up. The following pieces of information are taken from his Facebook page and his website’s blog post.

The Review of Reshveen Rajendran’s Course 

The instruction taught in the course was entry level. The course promoted using options to generate ‘insurance premium’ on underlying assets. It serves as a ‘monthly cashflow’. This wasn’t substantiated by the course instructor in his profit or loss statement. For the ones more financially savvy, you’ll know that options don’t always expire and there’s a possibility of it being exercised. Since you can’t predict the market, you can’t guarantee a cash flow from premiums generated from selling options.

Secondly, in the instruction, commodities were also recommended by the instructor as an investing vehicle. This goes against the fundamental principle of value investing. The fundamental principle of value investing is purchasing companies when their prices are traded below their intrinsic value. Commodities are entirely different from companies.

Thirdly, to claim that your ‘6 figure’ equities portfolio generates you a passive income is highly suspicious. Now, assuming you built a portfolio around the highest paying dividend yield stocks in Singapore. The average yield would be approximately 5-7%. You’re required to have one million dollars invested to have a dividend income of 6%, $60000 annually, which adds up to $5000 per month. That’s a million dollar account, alongside with the assumption that you’re invested in the highest dividend stocks for the last 10 years and the companies pay out dividends regularly. 

Lastly to cite a quote from his blog:

My returns have been very substantial with 5 -7% compounding growth every month!

– Million Dollar Rush Blog

Let’s take an average of 6% compounded growth on a $10000 starting account balance, you’ll end with $20121.96 at the end of 12 months. You’ll achieve a 101.21% per annum returns. Let’s compare these returns to actual, audited investing track records.

  • Warren Buffet’s Track Record

Everybody favourite uncle: Warren Buffet. His returns are 23.8% compounded per annum.

  • Charlie Munger’s Track Record

Vice CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, partner to Warren Buffet. Charlie Munger’s compounded returns: 19.8% per annum.

  • Walter Schloss’s Track Record

Referred by Warren Buffet to be one of the greatest value investors ever lived. Walter Schloss’s compounded Returns: 16.1% Per Annum.

Here’s the reference. You could argue that Buffet claimed that he could achieve 50% returns per annum handling smaller amounts of capital. However, I’m sure Buffet himself never claim he could generate 201% in a year, much less this trainer.

Selling Put Options as a Strategy to Own Undervalue Stock

You’re required to have some basic options trading knowledge and experience to understand the following.

One of the theories proposed by the instructor is that you are able to sell put options to generate cashflow and to potentially own undervalued stocks at at a discount. Firstly, not all stocks have an options market at the price at which you valued it to be your purchase price. Secondly, not all stocks have an options market trading far out of the money. Yes, you could sell options at stocks are trading ‘at the money’ of your valuation. It’s barely worth selling a put option when it’s valued near ‘at the money’ (it’s better to own the stock itself, since it is undervalued in the first place right?)

Henceforth, the entire notion of selling options on an undervalued stock to generate free cash flow that leads to passive income, is absurd.

The Lack of Empirical Evidence

I don’t make these arguments without evidence. I’ll retract this article if there’s new evidence supported: audited or non-audited profit and loss sheets: namely the trainer’s profit and loss statements and trades.

Years ago, I negotiated with the trainer for a full refund of my course fees, citing the evidence and stating the mentioned case studies. However, he outrightly refused and cited that I haven’t applied any of his instruction on my end and am unable demand a refund of his course fees as it would be unreasonable. Ironically, I took it upon myself to test out his methods. I also took it upon myself to do acquire investing knowledge independently of his course material and instruction. 

Note: If you’re looking to sue me, there is a difference between online defamation and a negative product or service review. I present my case with basic mathematics, supporting evidence and no intention to accuse or character assassinate the company nor trainer.

2020 update: Low cost index fund investing has gotten me a far better returns that actively managing capital for the last 7 years. No fancy options trading or theories. Statistically, the average individual is not going to outperform the market. No, you’re not a Buffet or a Munger. No, you’re not special. No, you don’t belong to the minute percentage that are able to generate an income from trading options. Unfortunately, the trainer is still going around selling the same program to the public at scale.


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Alex Chua May 5, 2020

He tries very hard to sell his products to people lol. Currently holding some competition to make people sell his products for him, stating he’ll give them “commission”, when every online sale (no cost) will give him a $100 profit Very disgusting sales tactic imo. Always seems to be making use of his subscribers to do things for his sales. Tries to show that he’s very charitable, asking online which organization needs money because he’s willing to donate. Honestly, there’s a thing called Google. Doing everything for show lol

    Marcus Neo May 5, 2020

    Haha yes. I agree.

    CS May 8, 2020

    I saw that too, honestly I am tired of these people always out to exploit ignorant people. Maybe it is good for the people to learn their lessons the hard way too, but it really infuriates me to see the protagonists benefit

      Marcus Neo May 8, 2020

      I see I’m not the only one that feels the same way. If you’re reading this dear internet readers, feel free to leave a comment. 🙂

Xie Hao May 9, 2020

Hey Marcus, thanks for taking the time to write this post. You are not alone in feeling this way.

Found this funny video on Youtube, read the video description:

    Marcus Neo May 9, 2020

    You are welcomed! The poster should make it public!

Anon May 10, 2020

Just wanted to point out your calculation for ROI is wrong.

You need to subtract the original investment to get the return (so the roi is 101%)

Anyway he lost me once he started promoting scammers like Clemen Chiang (the options trader with fake doctorate)

    Marcus Neo May 10, 2020

    Thanks, adjusted.

Anonymous May 17, 2020

I recently viewed the extreme wealth summit and did not find any meat in Resh talks. A lot of stuff said was superficial.I have signed up for Adam Khoo”s investing course and have no regrets.I will certainly recommend Adam Khoo”s programme on investing and options.

    Marcus Neo May 17, 2020

    Sure. I haven’t really take a look at Adam’s stuff for years. However, I’ll stick to those with an active track record. (or published a track record).

Anon May 18, 2020

Been noticing more of this guy popping up on my Facebook ads. Particularly scary to see someone try to mislead the people who are staying home and some desperate for ‘quick’ cash.

Thanks for writing this article.

    Marcus Neo May 18, 2020

    Sure thing welcomed!

Anonymous June 2, 2020

I had been an ardent fan of Reshveen for so long , since VIC , then BOS and till now. . Being a giver to charities myself, I seriously love him for sincerely wanting to raise funds for the needy and also teaches his community to be a blessing to others. .However, recently it really irks me and saddens me to see after he gained so so much wealth , he is not the same man I thought he was. Checking with some others who also respected him alot in the past , they too found it very distasteful . He was really good young man in the past and a highly respected one.

It is true that some of his zooms do add value e.g the 3am zooms . If executed the stocks correctly, you get to win profits from the stocks. Compared to many other trainers who overpriced, his “Profit from Panic” course is affordable for the masses.

On the Contrary . : Just go watch some of his zooms. Like a school boy tyrant . His zoom timings are based on his whims and fancies . He claimed it to be his “visions” and will do whatever time befitting for him . Ok I understood market timing is erratic, so I was receptive , however , some parts of the talks are mainly talk talk , not on the market. Also sometimes, he sounds kinda like a cyber bully, a person “Gayboi ” was innocently singled out couple of times in his zoom meetings , drummed up his “warriors” to give corona slaps to people who asked what seemingly looked like idiotic questions . Singles out person verbally online when someone didn’t agree with him . Indirectly calling person hater. His “warrior” or “worshipers” community followed suit in like-minded manner. Yikes..Not all who voices different opinions are necessary haters. Totally an emotional trainer not a professional trainer . Look at world’s top CEOs eg. Jack Ma , CZ of Binance , Mark of FB, and many others, they stayed calm despite different opinions. Kind of like a minicule level of Donald Trump who will ridicule others (who are considered below him) who opinates different from himself .

Worst of all, done in God’s name. Giving in God’s name is nothing wrong , but being so emotional at tiniest remarks or opinions of others totally not God glorifying . Asking people to be givers yet, asking zoom people whether he should refrain relaying the stock info or message to those who defrayed from his opinion. If this isn’t emotional or bullying or immaturity, then what is it called ? Hey not all people giving opinions are necessary haters. It could be that they are there to also build him up constructively too. Not everyone is a hater . Yikes, some people don’t look beyond the picture .

    Marcus Neo June 3, 2020

    I am not surprised. Thanks for your feedback.

      Anonymous June 7, 2020

      i recently attending his options millionaire intensive (OMI) thinking to refresh my thinking about options but i find the course was like a ROJAK with multitude of speakers and messy content with the last day a pushy sales into mentorship ranging from $5000 – $100000. I felt the OMI training was pretty bad with not sufficient risk management elements and ensuring students understanding the necessity of knowledge of instruments. KNowledge shown can be youtubed… and when ask for more explanation been told dont ask more questions and make things complicated but keep it simple … so its quite disappointing.

      I attended his class during VIC and i thought the teaching was earnest and really there to help people. I think since BOS- things got bigger and course fees was more lucrative/safer than trading in the market. The whole Extremewealth SUmmit/ BOS approach to things has made me felt disappointed.

      Thanks for sharing Marcus … i would recommend future students to confirm syllabus before joining any courses as this is important element to ensure you get thought the right things and things you want to learn

        Marcus Neo June 7, 2020

        Sure thing. Welcomed. 🙂

        chris April 5, 2021

        Do you mind sharing with us what 4 strategies he used specifically, that are taught in the course?

    Zak June 25, 2020

    Hi I totally agree that he has changed. Feel like his talk is getting too vulgar and some parents have said, they let their children sit in for his talks. I even signed up for his Road to 10 million course but till now there is nothing.

Anonymous June 23, 2020

Yo man, I totally empathise. Would be cool to discuss it with you.

    Marcus Neo June 23, 2020

    You can always drop me an email using the contact page. 🙂

Ray July 2, 2020

Was about to pull the trigger and attend his course in hopes of grasping a good knowledge on options trading..currently carrying my due diligence and looking for reviews online and stumbled on your article…and now am having second thoughts.

Well, 597USD for his options course may not sound much as compared to other options classes but part of me feels I can learn just as much from the plethora of tutorial vids on YouTube and the internet. And as a Uni student still, I wouldn’t want to throw this amount money which could possibly be used for school or, I’d personally use this money to add on stocks to my current portfolio.

Would love to hear your opinion on my current thought process. (Sounding good serious now haha)


    Marcus Neo July 2, 2020

    There are good educational companies out there that can fast forward your progress. There’s also community, feedback and accountability when it comes to hiring a coach. The mentioned individual in the article is just not on that list.

Anon August 13, 2020

BT reported on 11 August that Reshveen earned $1 million in April from his courses and affiliate marketing, followed by $1 million within one week of May alone.

Anonymous October 25, 2020

So the coaching is not useful?

AL December 11, 2020

Had not been to his course so i can’t comment much. BUT … if a trainer or mentor can’t provide his track record (past to present) to his students for believing/ verifying purpose… then its not worth your time go to learn under him . Of course, after course support is also important. But if in the Inner circle that they can’t even guide you or motivate .. then its not worth your money . Always remember, True Gurus are always humble and low key personal.

TAN BOK KWEE January 25, 2021

how can I contact the course administrator
My hp 96712879

    Anonymous February 20, 2021

    Reshveen Rajendran personal handphone number: +65 9027 6961.

Anonymous March 18, 2021

Anyone know or heard of what happen to Reshveen? He is inactive for awhile, claiming to be attack by online trolls.

I was a student many years back when he first started out teaching, the values provided is really great, but since joining Sean and team, everything becomes very salesy, money-squeezing tactics, wasn’t the same as before with that personal touch. 🙁

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