Recommended Readings and Influential Books

Through the years certain ideas from some books stuck with me and I find myself keep going back to the same ones that have an influential impact on my own life.

Dating and Relationships

Psychologically reseached dating advice for men.

Robert Glober is a psychologist that suggests that your ‘niceness’ has it’s roots in your childhood and upbringing.

I normally don’t like the woo-woo self helpish, new agey stuff but David Deida’s, The Way of the Superior Man is a must read.


This book came at a handy time. I had to find meaning in my pursuits. I was getting sick of getting grades in school just to be ‘useful’ to society, as parents, culture and society told me.

The most influential idea I got out of this book is on how negative emotions such as anger, disgust and jealousy actually have an important place in our lives.

Shame, Trauma and Therapy

This is a book that’s backed by research on how your body is affected by shame, trauma and repressed emotions. I liked this book because it’s backed by research, something that’s important to keep in mind in the field of psychology.

I liked the psychoanalytic prose of this book, the author touched grandiosity, depression and how they are two sides of the same coin. The author also used many examples across history and literature.

Published by a medical doctor who used the psychotherapeutic process to help her patients that she once treated prescription hard medication.

Insightful article on the psychology of self esteem, parent child relationship.


I didn’t finish the book, due to its tough prose. It can be quite a depressing read. However, the general ideas in the book left a huge impact on my life and it’s a must read.

David Foster Wallace’s commencement speech and how to better perceive the daily struggles of life.


If not for Tim Ferris, there would be no MarcusNeo.Com. I wouldn’t be inspired to write and launch this business.

Changed me from a free loving hippie to someone who organises his personal life, social relationships, business, my wardrobe, in the structure of systems.

Finance and Investing

Introduction to the basics of personal finance with basic behavioural psychology. One of the best books on personal finance out there, and everything you need to know about the basics of investing: index funds.

It’s funny how I can understand thick proses like Charlie Munger’s and academic textbooks bore me to tears. If you understand half of what he’s writing, such as using horse races to give an example on the stock market, email me, let’s have coffee.

Track records of value investors, philosophies and clear writing by Warren E Buffet, everybody favourite’s uncle.


Steve Jobs is one heck of a controversial leader who pushed the boundaries of buiness and technology in his time.

I liked this book because Einstein was always challenging academia and refused to conform to anything but objectivity. He sacrificed relationships, job, education prospects in the name of an independent mind.


  • Narcissus and Goldmund – Hermann Hesse
  • Siddhartha – Hermann Hesse