Succeed with Women, Create Passionate Relationships, Unleash Your True Self and Lead the Good Life

Feeling Stuck despite 'Succeeding?'

You’re here because you are somewhat frustrated at your life is turning out...

  • You achieved a certain level of dating and relationships milestones but still feel empty inside
  • You feel like you’re dead stuck in your career or life in general
  • You feel life is meaningless because you spend your entire life chasing arbitrary things like: a stable job, grades and what your parents expected of you 

I started as depressed teenager just before military enlistment in Singapore... Yes, getting dumped over one text message slapped me out my apathy

So that led me down a road of obsession. 

The obsession to understand female psychology... that eventually lead to psychology and deep identity level change. 

This obsession led to purpose and passion:

  • I honed the dating, relationship and social skills to walk up to women, anywhere and pride myself as being a globe trotter, chasing one high after another
  • I negotiated and networked my way into a above fresh graduate pay role at a million dollar start up in my mid twenties
  • I mastered skillsets such as marketing, business building and failed hundreds of times in all sorts of way possible, eventually built a business and helped multiple others
  • I travelled to 20+ odd countries solo
  • I took the art of learning I gained from self development and went from A Levels drop out to acing a summer program at UC Berkeley studying modules and completed my Bachelors without attending any classes

I'm sure most of you reading this may think these "achievements and accomplishments" are all good and sexy...

Yet, I still Found Myself Empty, Defeated and Depressed 

In spite chasing hedonistic romantic relationships across multiple countries, degrees and monetary achievements...

I still felt empty, unworthy, defeated and depressed and in a psychological mess deep down.

I remembered telling my therapist: 'I am at my wits end, and I tried everything'

This is why no amount of dating, relationships and self help 'tactics' are going to resolve the root issue: that is to get in touch with our emotions, understand what entails true self esteem, toxic shame, vulnerability and therapeutic methods on how to get better

The core issue that holds us back is toxic shame and trauma:

The problems can be common expressed:

  • You are not playing life to your strengths (and listening to your naysayers)
  • You constantly feel undervalued and under appreciated amongst your friends and at work
  • You feel like others are constantly outperforming you in their personal lives and career
  • You feel nobody is going to take a true liking to you in spite of external success
  • You feel nobody is going to hire you, listen to you, you got no real influence in spite of putting so much work in yourself

I remembered started as an accounting student and stuck with accounting school for way too long due to… fear.

The fear of what my strict Asian parents would think of me. The fear of taking a risk. The fear of switching schools. Yes, accounting obviously wasn't my strength. The accounting sheets never balanced for me. I was much better off studying psychology or philosophy. However, I was oblivious to my strengths and weaknesses because I never really sat down and did things for ME.

I never really asked myself:

  • The skillsets that I am naturally good at
  • The type of lifestyle I desired
  • How can I be creative with my passions to make a living out of it and leave an impact on the world

That was me for YEARS! DECADES!

That is because I had no one teach me the concept of finding your life purpose, self acceptance, self compassion and how to lead a life of courage, passion and vulnerability.

So What Has Life Success Got to do With... Dating and Relationships? 

I'm glad you asked: I'm not building my highest level program to ONLY address dating and relationships issues.

One client after another, I knew their real issues lies deeper within, and YES, dating tactics are all good... but high level work requires not only technical execution but inner work...

The majority of us are told to:

  • Study hard, work hard, achieve more and expect everything else to work out. In fact, the majority of my clients spent their entire life focusing on University grades and their career... 

I'm not saying that getting good grades or being great career wise is a negative thing. In fact, I am a huge advocate of trying to be great at whatever you're involved in. 

However, the problem comes when you are leading your entire life to please your parents, society and others. You never put YOURSELF first and figure out what YOUR needs are

You end up becoming the typical Mr Nice Guy that is people pleasing, doesn't understand his own needs and completely disregard his own emotional development

So you guessed it... people pleasers aren't exactly attractive to women

The majority of us (especially Asians) aren't equipped with these emotional skillsets. Society, our parents probably told you to be a ‘good boy, a good girl’... told you not to interact with people or talk to strangers since you were young or to pursue your own interests and passions.

The result? 

Years wasted pursuing something that you fundamentally feel inspired by, being a people pleaser, not owning your life and taking self leadership...

This is the reason dating and relationships tactics isn't enough...

This Mastermind Coaching Program goes Beyond Dating

No doubt, in this high level coaching you'll get access to my entire curriculum:

  • Self develop your personality into one that attracts high quality women into your life without pretending someone you are not
  • Self develop a lifestyle so that you can attract high quality women into your life effortlessly
  • Self develop a naturally attractive personality so that your romantic relationships are filled with chemistry and passion instead of dried out relationships…
  • Get matches, numbers and land dates with high quality women through online dating applications
  • The skillsets to freely approach stunning women you are attracted to and get them out on dates (like the one below)
  • The skillsets to follow up on text messages and turn these online or offline interactions into non flakey dates
  • The conversational skillsets to create comfort, emotional connection with her on dates
  • The dating skillsets to create passionate sexual tension between you and her on your dates
  • The ability to turn your dates into a sexual or romantic one 
  • Create sexual intimacy and make sex a win-win for you and her in an ethical manner

True Success is Found Beyond Dating Tactics

Relationships Success
  • Understand core masculinity and femininity so that you can keep your relationships passionate with chemistry

  • How to vulnerability lead to better relationships
Psychological Mastery
  • The psychology of relationships: attachment theory and how to use it to better understand your relational dynamics

  • Introduction to therapy: benefits of it, inner child concepts and finding your true self
Lifestyle Success

  • Lifestyle design: living life on your edge, pushing the limits as a masculine individual

  • Introduction to personal finance and entrepreneurship

The Power of a Community

The entire purpose of this high level coaching mastermind is to bring together a group of special individuals...

  • The majority of people get busy with their careers and have no time for self development in their later 20s, 30s and 40s.

This is why you needed the ability to meet new people on the go, whether be it in my dating life, my professional life or my friendships to build a life of design that'll nurture you. 

Have you ever wondered why some people are much more proactive than reactive in life? They are able to solve problems in their life naturally and effortlessly whilst some struggle with similar issues after years?

Is it because they were fundamentally smarter or more intelligent than the rest of us?

That's untrue.

I put 80% of their success down to:

  • The ability to seek out coaches and community
  • The ability to self regulate emotions
  • The ability to find a support group that helps them fall back if they end up back tracking

Through the years of going up to strangers one by one, being rejected a lot of times, starting a business, failing in all the ways possible, I realized that success and failure boils down to: environment and your peer group.

If all your friends are more concerned about drinking themselves to death on the weekends instead of working on improving their lives... guess what your life will end up like?

Be Part of an Elite Coaching Mastermind to Guarantee Your Dating, Relationships and Life Success

Stop Youtubing or Googling or purchasing books, online courses (that only focus on theory) on abstract confusing dating or self help theories already... 

How can you filter through all of that, cut through the noise and get results in the shortest time possible?

Over the years I realized that many people aren't getting results through information alone by purchasing online courses, information products or simply researching on the internet.

This is why getting to directly interface, interact, and get professional coaching, instructions and feedback with a professional coach has never been more valuable in today's age of 'information obesity'.

The role of a great coach is to be able to tell YOU what to do with specific pieces of information, at any given point of time so that you can succeed in the shortest time possible, know EXACTLY what to do and what NOT to do, not get confused and stay on track.

This is why I created my the high level mastermind coaching program:

  • To give you accountability so your dating, relationships and life success is inevitable.
  • To give you 1:1 direct and personalised feedback 
  • To tell you exactly what to do, how to do it, and when to do it: you'll deep dive alongside with me your online dating applications profile crafted out, an upgraded wardrobe, an upgraded sense of self, mindset, psychology, exact word for word scripts on how approach, connect with her... and many more...

Here are What My Clients Had to Say that Took My In Person Coaching Programs

'I got a Tinder date and got a 'close' from the date in a month after meeting Marcus. I'm actually surprised that dating and relationships is something completely in your control."

- Darren,
31 Pharmacist Executive, MBA Graduate

"If Marcus can help you in Singapore, he can help you any part of the world. I had 4-5 dates a week and had to turn off my online dating applications at one point. I'm dating one partner consistently today."

- Harsh, 26, Singapore Airlines Engineer

"I had a full close after redoing my online dating profiles with Marcus. Marcus is a professional. He also focuses on psychology and being a well rounded person."

- JT, Start Up Engineer

'I went out with three girls I met from networking events within a month of being consulted by Marcus'

- Melvin, 37, Hedge Fund IT Consultant

This isn't For Anyone, and I Truly Mean It

If you are here only looking for the run of the mill dating, relationships and self help coaching... then you are at the entirely wrong place.

I paid the price for dating success and approached, dated, got rejected, failed with hundreds of women, spent hundreds of dollars testing online dating profiles in multiple cultures, countries with complete strangers...

I also invested an upwards of $100,000 of dollars in hiring out dating coaches, clinical psychologists, business coaching programs ultimately in myself.

I also invest an $100,000 of dollars of dollars in software, staff and much more so that I put together a coaching program that helps YOU succeed with women, relationships and life in the shortest time possible and make our products as seamless as possible. 

If you come in with a plucky run of the mill 'pick up artist' attitude: looking for get laid with a supermodel by relying on 'pick up artist lines' and are not looking to do the real work necessary to succeed, then this too isn't for you (read: it's never going to work)

If you're looking for a non serious solution... I then recommend you go hire some random 'life coach' that's going to put you in seminar rooms and mentally jerk off on the 'law of attraction'.

The Smartest Invest in Coaching, Masterminds and Community

Let me tell you a story about a business conversation I had with a close friend.

He invited me out for a birthday celebration with his business partner and we ended up drinking a little too much soju over Korean barbeque.

I started asking him deep questions about his business and how he operated his company: expenses, his personal life, productivity, staff management, systems and the entire 9 yards.

It's a 60 minutes conversation over soju, Korean barbeque with him, his business partner and their girlfriends.

Two months later, he reached out to me and said:

"Marcus, you're dead on right, I owe you a testimonial. You helped my company hit 20k wroth sales this month, trim down the fat in terms of staff and got me to step up as the CEO of the company". 

His entire life changed over ONE CONVERSATION in an intimate small group setting.

Now just imagine if my close friend here had reached out to me months earlier, invited me out for dinner and not wait for a birthday celebration, how much more revenue his company could he have made?

Now just imagine if you had access to me in a small group setting in terms of your dating, relationship and life success... and how will change your results with women, your relationships and YOUR LIFE in the next 30-90 days?

Marcus's High Level Coaching Mastermind

Full Access to our Flagship Online Curriculum

  • You get full access to our online course as a client

  • Our online program melds theory with practical learning and provides and "over the shoulder" learning experience

  • Get access to tons of real life infields, online dating examples, case studies so that you can model and implement them

  • Our online program itself is priced at around thousands of dollars

Coaching Program that is Tailored to Specifically You
  • Tailored fashion consult and wardrobe construction that is 1:1 customized to you...

  • Tailored 1:1 online dating profile crafting, copywriting, setup and optimization tailored to you... 

  • Tailored 1:1 dating, relationship and life coaching specific to your current circumstances in your life (this is priceless)

  • and much more...

 Community Support and 1:1 Calls

  • 1:1 calls, coaching through text and phone with Marcus so that you know exactly what to do at your specific point of progress, overcome mindset problems and etc.

  • Community meet ups with other members that are on the same progression with you so that you can find support, accountability in your progress

  • Community accountability from me as a coach so that you implement the necessary steps to get the women you desire in your life

Interested? Apply for a Complimentary Life Transformation Call

Complimentary Call 
  • Interested? You can apply for a complimentary call.

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