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Jun 23

How does Tinder Work For Guys – Do You Need Tons of Matches?

By Marcus Neo | Dating Advice for Men

How can Tinder work for you in the midst of pandemics, lockdowns, social distancing and masks wearing? You may find yourself at the mercy of online dating applications such as Tinder in these periods.

However not to fret, Tinder can be a potential saviour to your dating life!

Tinder can work for you if:

How does Tinder Work Myth Busting: No Need for Tons of Matches

It’s not uncommon for dating coaches to flash their Tinder results with a thousands likes and matches. It seems a far stretch for the common man.

You’ll also find that these dating coaches are also… kinda good looking.

I’d like to bust a myth: you do NOT need hundreds or thousands of matches and likes to get high quality dates and results from Tinder. 

I’m 167 cm tall and Asian.

I do not have supermodel looking physical traits and neither do my clients.

However, in spite of all of that, my clients and I generate high quality dates week-in and week-out using Tinder and other online dating applications.

Here are some of my results:

I spent months running paid tests on Tinder and other online dating applications and the jury is out: you can get high quality matches and dates from Tinder without a ton of matches.

Once pandemic measures are lifted and you are allowed go on dates, travel freely… if you had invested in yourself during this period and are competent with Tinder to generate high quality matches and dates. Then combining it with in person dating skills is going to pay off.

Tinder Paid Functions: Tinder Platinum, Gold, Boost and Super Likes

Firstly, there is a general consensus around men’s dating coaching industry suggesting that you’ll mostly only be able to get scaled results from paying for the premium services on dating applications: Tinder gold and Tinder boost.

Here’s my personal experience: you CAN get results without paying for these services.

HOWEVER, if you wish to truly scale your Tinder results, I recommend purchasing the paid functions of Tinder Platinum, Gold and Tinder Boost. (I am not affiliated with Tinder in any way shape or form)

  • Tinder Platinum

Tinder Platinum enables you to send a message before liking a girl’s profile. This is extremely helpful. The ability to use text and further finesse your conversational starter on Tinder can skyrocket your results.

I tested method through other dating applications such as CoffeeMeetsBagel and Hinge.

Yes, girls do read your conversational starters.

  • Tinder Gold

One of the key features of Tinder gold is the ability to evaluate the quality of matches you are getting.

It’s pointless to use Tinder boost, chalk up matches but not being able to evaluate or match with them.

I use Tinder Gold along side with Tinder boost. You can also use an excel spreadsheet to record the number of likes and quality of matches after each boost.

  • Tinder Boosting at the Right Times

There are ideal times to boost.

I generally keep it to two Tinder boosts a day. Some times I use more boosts to test out a new profile photo or description.

Yes, you can get more matches boosting in the evening at strategic timing at 6pm.

Here’s a study of match times:


  • Tinder Superlikes

Super likes are a good way to standout when it comes to online dating. The trick here is not to super like girls that are far out of your reach, but to super like girls that are you are more likely to get matched with.

How Not Get Your Tinder Profile Shadow Banned

It is suggested that the Tinder algorithm is sensitive to your selectivity of swiping.

Your profile is going to show up more often to attractive women (who are extremely selective) if you are selective as well. So, do NOT spam swiping right. It’s better to focus on quality, rather than quantity. Furthermore, it’s pretty demoralising to get matches from girls you aren’t really interested in.

Secondly don’t create a profile description that is going to say something unpolitically correct. I had a friend who wrote something along the lines that women are fickle minded and they are all sluts. It’s no surprise he got reported on Tinder and got banned.

If you are complaining about getting shadow banned it might be that your Tinder profile isn’t effective.

How to Filter Out Fake Profiles on Tinder

There are fake profiles that are looking to scam you. Some of my friend’s friends commented that they have been scammed before.

Some men can really be foolish when they are desperate.

If a profile match on Tinder mention anything about investments, finance and has a somewhat thin profile with zero casual photos with friends and etc… then it’s a red flag. She’s in it for the money.

How does Tinder Work: Your Tinder Photos

Your photos are going to make or break your Tinder profile. I am going to run you through how I construct my Tinder photos. I spent months and my own money testing my own Tinder profiles and my clients tinder profiles.

I highly recommend you to learn some photography and take a couple of high quality photos and mix them it with casual photos. There is also no need to go over the top with a super professional photo shoot that is going to come off as try hard.

In general, forget selfies or self taken bro gym pictures.

I talk more about photos in my guide that I linked in the next section.

Your Tinder Profile Description

Your Tinder profile description is also an important manner of standing out amongst the competition.

The key is to get creative with your profile descriptions. The idea is to stand out. Every other guy out there has the usual profile of:

  • I am career oriented
  • In the finance space
  • Or some usual hobby like hanging out in cafes/ swimming etc.

How can YOU stand out from the rest?

I dive deeply into how to craft a Tinder bio for guys.

How to Start and Continue Conversations on Tinder

Strong profiles isn’t all there is to Tinder. Like I mentioned, you are competing against the thousands of likes and matches in her Tinder messages.

This is why understanding how to start conversations on Tinder is going to help you stand out.

I usually start conversations by making observations about her profile. This means getting creative with her profile descriptions, photos and coming up with something funny that you can tease her about. There are NO exact lines that you can plug and play for this. However getting good at this is going to help you in your improvisational skills.

Can you find something to improv from these profiles?

To use an example from the profiles, you can use this conversational starter for Allie:

“Gin N Tonic > Bloody Mary’s > Mimosas. It’s true.”

This demonstrates you actually read her profile. It’s also funny and somewhat of an exaggeration when you imply gin n tonic beats the rest of her drink.

This is the same improvisational skillset you do it in person and online. They feed into each other in your ability to be witty and creative. Feel like you can’t think on your feet? You can take up improv classes, study comedians and use the art of improv to come out with creative outreach and text messages. 

The most important key here: you do not want flatline messages and conversations. 

How to Transition from Tinder to the Phone and then Dates

I mostly try to move the conversation from Tinder to my phone as soon as possible. There are girls that don’t come on Tinder that often.

The key here is to get a to and fro going on. Then only you should move the conversation to your phone. This can be done using a soft close and a qualifier:

“Hey I think you’re interesting to talk to, how about we continue this conversation on Telegram?”

There is no such thing as 100% success rate. It depends on the girl’s comfort levels and your interaction. To be able to spot signs that she is interested comes with experience and practice. Some times, you need more time to connect with her.

I am also a fan of speaking on the phone, using video calls to further more the interaction forward. (read: or to see if you getting cat fished.)

Note: there are going to be girls that will never give out their personal contacts on Tinder. These are time wasters. Spot them early on and move on.

How to Use Tinder as an Experimental Lab

Tinder is the best online dating application for testing out your best performing online dating profile. 

Using, Tinder Gold and Boost, you can split test your photos and profile descriptions:

  • You can test which photos that you took in a professional photo shoot will work best for you
  • Secondly, you can test your sequence of photos

To test your online dating profile effectiveness, you can run simple tests varying different variables:

  • You can run boost tests test your photos
  • You can run boost tests and test your profile descriptions
  • You can test boosting at different times of the day

Use an excel sheet to run tests

Once you hit that sweet spot on Tinder, you can then take a similar Tinder bio, replicate the similar photos and profile descriptions across other online dating applications such as Bumble, Hinge, OkCupid and Coffee Meets Bagel. 

This can give you a good gauge. However it isn’t an iron rule. The demographic on Tinder and other dating applications is different and you’ll need to tweak accordingly to the application.


To conclude, the art of getting Tinder to work for you is a strong Tinder profile, a strong profile description and the ability to converse well on text.  

Ultimately, dating and intimacy is experienced in flesh and not through a phone screen. Yes, potentially getting Tinder to work for you is awesome. However, you too have to be attractive to women in person. You have to be able to tease, converse, flirt, attract her, be physical with her in person.