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Flirting with a girl is simply the art of bringing an interaction or a conversation with her forward in a romantic manner without being awkward or creepy. If you can’t flirt, you’re going to bore her to hell, she loses interest and you end up on dates that lead right straight into the friend zone.

How to Flirt with a Girl to Make Her Just Want More +Lines

One common question revolving around modern dating is whether age is just a number. It’s unfortunate that society mostly looks down upon partners with a vast age gap of about 10-15 years in today’s era. This depends on many other social factors, which revolve around a society’s cultures and beliefs.   The definition of a  May-December

The Pros and Cons of Dating Someone 10 Years Apart from You

JT Second Testimonial: JT First Testimonial: Transcript For First Testimonial: JT:                   Hi. I’m JT. I’m a Malaysian working in Singapore as a software engineer. For me myself, I was a really shy guy. I am really afraid of getting rejected by girls. I realized I had this

Start Up Engineer 1 Ex Girlfriend Elicits Sexual Intimacy with 5 Girls in 4 Months

Transcript: Marcus Neo:     This is Yao Jun, right? And… Yao Jun:            Yep. Marcus Neo:     He joined me like two months ago. Two months, right? Was it two months? Yao Jun:            Yep. Around there. Marcus Neo:     You probably only had two sessions with me, right? So the first session we actually did a photo shoot and

CEO of a Software Firm Approaches Top 20th Percentile of Women in Two Sessions

Transcript: Speaker 1:        He showed made the changes I should make. He gave me some minor tweaks, which I could do. So I tried that, and after that, I was able to get five to six matches a week and I was able to convert that five or six matches a week into dates. It

Introverted Engineer Gets a “Full Close” in 90 Days and a Girlfriend Outside his Ethnicity

Ever wondered how to date a girl? Yes, dates with women can be confusing. Some people opt for fanciful dinners, others keep it light. Then there are the other questions ranging from how do you get to know her on a date? How can you get to know her on dates? Can first dates with

How to Date a Girl – Even if It’s Your First Time

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